Tipi Uses


Don’t rush away from your summer wedding; let us provide a Tipi for your Bridal Suite or maybe for accommodating your guests.

A Tipi is also a great place to let the children play away from the adults, or as a photo booth - providing a spectacular backdrop for all those photos! Alternatively, a chill-out area for those who just want to relax….


Choose your campsite and have your tipi ready and waiting for you! Walk in and start your holiday straight away with no fuss.

We can provide various accessories including:

  • Cooking facilities
  • Tables
  • Firepits
  • Lighting
  • Airbeds

We supply them so you don’t have to!


When you think of festivals, you think of tipis, with their distinctive poles reaching out into the skyline. Whether you are a festival-goer, a stall-holder, or a VIP act, stepping into your tipi will give you your own space away from the hustle bustle, whilst your tipi is admired by the crowd…

We do, however, insist that our tipis are treated with the utmost respect to enable others to enjoy them time and time again.


Tipis make fantastic learning aids.

We wholeheartedly support and promote the use of tipis to inspire and capture the imagination of both children and adults alike in an educational environment and consequently aim to discount as much as possible for such uses. We will always give favourable terms, whether it be a sizeable discount or extended hire periods at no extra charge.

At primary age, the tipi is an immediate entry into another culture and way of life, and you can be assured that kids will keep the memory with them for the rest of their lives.

  • We support a variety of educational activities including:
  • Adult wilderness groups
  • Scouting and Survival
  • Corporate team-building exercises
  • Woodland re-generation projects.

We are currently about to start working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, increasing their self-esteem and work ethic by being part of a team and mentored by mature role models. We involving them with manufacturing processes as well as assembling structures for other educational establishments.

The natural ambience created inside a tipi lends itself to creativity and relaxation - visually striking as well as a sensory treat.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget there’s a world outside!